Our Story

How it all began...

Naked French originally started as an Instagram account for Michelle to track her French progress with her Parisian fiancé Alexandre during the COVID 2020 lockdown. However, it has since exploded to a dynamic community of 50k+ French language lovers.

Why the name?

The name Naked French is inspired by the fact that when you try to learn a new language, you must render yourself completely vulnerable. In fact, Michelle finds the entire journey more intimate, raw, and vulnerable than actually walking around naked.

The team

Well hello there...

Michelle Teo

I'm Michelle

I love learning languages and travelling. After living in New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and The Hague, I realized that my favourite city in the world is actually Paris! I originally started Naked French with my Parisian fiance. Now, our dream is to help others around the world make their language-learning dreams come true.

I'm Shade

I'm French Algerian, raised in Costa Rica and Canada. I'm a native speaker in French, Spanish and English. I'm a nomadic photographer and I love telling stories through different mediums.
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