S.2 Episode #1 French Workbook – J'ai vécu sur une île sans électricité

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Love The Naked French Podcast but wish you could put what you’re learning to the test? Want something more interesting (and useful for real life) than a traditional French workbook? We made this just for you!

Designed by our Alliance Française certified teacher, this workbook features vocabulary, conjugation, and grammar exercises based on Season 2, Episode 1 (I lived on an island with no electricity).

Perfect for intermediate learners looking to sharpen their grammar, reading, or writing skills and those who want practice resources to help them prepare for their French exam. 

What’s inside?

  • A list of important vocabulary and expressions used in the episode
  • A quiz to check your comprehension
  • Explanations to help you master negation, conjugation using passé composé and imparfait, adverbs, and more
  • Exercises to consolidate your understanding
  • Answers (we trust you won’t peek early 😊)
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