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Interviewing the French about life & love, in slow French

Season 1

What is love? And what's it like being French anyway?

Shade chats with guests including high-school sweethearts, a polyamorous feminist manslut, and a French guy who left his 3,000 people village to live in Asia...

Episode 1
L’aventurière qui tomba amoureuse
Marie sailed the seven seas as an adventurous sailor. She was a woman who thrived in a world of men. Funnily enough, she ended up with an Italian man who's much more romantic than her. Let's hear her thoughts on this.
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Episode 2
Musique : Vivre sa passion
Stephanie always knew she wanted to be a singer, ever since she was a child. So she followed her dreams and turned them into reality. Let's hear her explore her journey, from childhood to her latest project.
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Episode 3
Choc des cultures : un Français en Asie
After growing up in a 3,000 people village, Romain moved to Asia and life is one big adventure. Let's chat to him about learning languages, culture shocks and just, life really!
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Episode 4
Une infirmière à Paris
Julie is a nurse who works in the Parisian emergency rooms. She's also an everyday hero, risking her life on the front-line day after day. Let's find out what her experiences were like during the COVID pandemic.
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Episode 5
Amour de jeunesse : qu’est-ce que le grand amour ?
In the age of Tinder, meet Becca and Ben. They're a French couple living in Taiwan who have spent over half their lives together. The French are renowned for being romantics, so let's explore what true love means to them.
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Episode 6
Gravitr : La naissance d’une start-up
Meet Doriane. She's smart, ambitious, gritty and the CEO of her start-up Gravitr. She runs her company side by side with her romantic partner and wouldn't have it any other way. Let's explore life in her shoes.
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Episode 7
J’ai tout quitté par amour
Would you quit your high-flying job in Paris, pack your bags and move to a different country - just to see if the person you've been dating long-distance is the one? Well Lucie did just that. What happens next?
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Episode 8
L’île de la tentation
You might have seen Marin on French Temptation Island. Here's his philosophy on being a feminist polyamorous manslut.
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