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Season 2

This season we explore life with a French documentary film maker, a new Dad, a Parisian artist, and much more!

Episode 1
J'ai vécu sur une île sans électricité
Nora left everything to sail across the world with the love of her life. She then settled in Costa Rica in a location where there was no electricity or running water! Let’s find out more about Nora’s journey, what it was like building a family home in Costa Rica, and starting a restaurant.
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Episode 2
La Révolution française moderne
You probably learned about the French Revolution in school (or at least watched Les Mis). But what does a modern French protest look like? Our guest, Blandine, gives us all the details. Including why you should bring swimming goggles, and why it’s ok to protest naked.
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Episode 3
Être joueur de rugby en France
If you’ve ever been to the south of France, you know that people there LOVE their rugby. Nicolas, a Sarlat Rugby player, is aiming to take his team to the big leagues – Fédérale Une. Let’s find out what it’s like living in Sarlat, France, and competing in such an intense sport.
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